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Tri-R Technologies
High Tech Composites / HTC

High Tech Composites (HTC) in Oxnard, California, USA, owned by Rich Trickle, produced composite structures for other aircraft manufactures before Rich designed the two-seat KIS TR-1 (KIS stands for "Keep It Simple"). Constructed with the assistance of Vance Jaqua and Martin Hollmann, the aircraft was first presented at the EAA event at Oskosh, Wisconsin, in July 1991.

Subsequently HTC was renamed Tri-R Technologies and the composite kit plane was marketed to the homebuilt constructor.

1995-7: 1114 E. 5th St., Oxnard, CA 93030, USA.

In 2001 the Pulsar Aircraft Company (formed in 1999) acquired the design and production rights of Tri-R, while the latter still produced the composite parts. The two-seat KIS TR-1 was re-designated Pulsar 150, while the KIS Tr-4 Cruiser became the Pulsar Super Cruiser. In 2005 all aircraft production was transferred to Ilopango, El Salvador.

Pulsar Aircraft Corp improved the design and offered an new, larger version called the Super Pulsar 100. They also keep the original legacy Pulsar design alive under the name of Pulsar XP.

Markets kits to build the KIS (Keep It Simple) side-by-side two-seat composites monoplane (first flown 1991), plus the four-seat TR-4 Cruiser (first flown 1994).


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