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Antonov An-26




NATO code name ‘Curl’, the Antonov An-26 is a twin-engine transport aircraft first flown in May 1969 and exhibited at the 1969 Paris Air Show. A militarised development of the An-24 airliner, the pressurised An-26 flew first in 1968 and differs from the An-24 in featuring a rear loading ramp, more powerful lvchenko turbine-engines and an auxiliary turbojet in the right engine nacelle.

An improved An-26B version was announced in 1981 with an improved freight handling system.



Approximately 1,410 An-26s and An-26Bs were built by GAZ 473 at Kiev, 1968-85, before being superseded in production by An-32. Production of the An-26 Curl twin--turboprop transport and its hot-and-high deriv-ative, the An-32 Cline, continued in 1987. They were widely exported, serving in more than 20 countries. It was developed into the An-26 (freighter), the An-30 (survey/photo) and the An-32 (hot and high version).

A derivative Y7H-500 was built by Xian Aircraft Company, in China.






Engine: 2 x turbo prop AI-24T, 2075kW and 1 x turbo-jet RU-19-300, 8.8kW
Wingspan: 29.2 m / 95 ft 10 in
Length: 23.8 m / 78 ft 1 in
Height: 8.6 m / 28 ft 3 in
Wing area: 75.0 sq.m / 807.29 sq ft
Take-off weight: 24000 kg / 52911 lb
Max payload: 5.500kg / 40 passengers.
Max. speed: 540 km/h / 336 mph
Cruise speed: 430 km/h / 267 mph
Ceiling: 7500 m / 24600 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 2550 km / 1585 miles
Range w/max.payload: 980 km / 609 miles
Crew: 5
Passengers: 38-40
Hold cap: 1765 cu.ft.




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