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Incorporated February 1931 by Russian-born Alexander P. Seversky (or De Seversky), First World War military pilot who became U.S. citizen 1927. A test pilot and consulting engineer, he established the Seversky Aero Corporation in 1922.

Developed novel amphibious landing gear, promoted by Seversky Aircraft Corporation for fast all metal fighter-type aircraft. Aircraft design owed much to Alexander Kartveli, who developed landplane fighters with retractable landing gear.

In 1935 Seversky established new speed record for amphibious aircraft, and land-fighter development culminated in order for 77 single-seaters for USAAC, designated P-35.

In 1939-1940, following orders for amphibians from USSR and landplanes from Japan, Sweden contracted for 120 export versions of P-35. Several fighter, multipurpose and trainer variants developed, and BT-8 (first purpose-built machine of its class) adopted in U.S.A.. Seversky Executive (2 passengers in cabin behind pilot) won 1937 Bendix Trophy race. In 1939 company offered USAAC XP-41 single-seat fighter.

In October 1939 the company was reorganized as Republic Aviation Corporation. Special supercharger evolution for late Seversky fighters led to the famous Republic P-47 Thunderbolt long-range escort fighter/bomber.



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