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Scottish Aviation

Formed 1935, but for several years was concerned mainly with aircraft repair work and management of flying school and airport (Prestwick, Scotland).

First aircraft produced was Prestwick Pioneer single-engined five-seat STOL monoplane, first flown 1950. Twin Pioneer of 1957 first appeared as 16-passenger civil type, but was used also by RAF.


Malayan Air Force 1959


Company re-engaged in important repair, maintenance and modification work, involving Lockheed aircraft, and made freighter conversion of Vickers Viscount. Has made large components for Lockheed Hercules over long period. Final aircraft under its own name were Bulldog (flown originally in 1968 as military trainer version of Beagle Pup); Bullfinch with retractable landing gear, first flown August 1976; and twin-turboprop Jetstream, developed 1966-1970 by Handley Page and continued by BAe.

The Beagle Aircraft Ltd Bulldog was taken up by Scottish Aviation Ltd after Beagle went into receivership in 1970 and finally found its last home with British Aero-space in 1978.

Handley-Page, through Jetstream Aircraft, became part of Scottish Aviation in 1970.

Merged into British Aerospace in April 1977; as a British Aerospace company offered support facilities for Beagle Pup, B.206, and Basset.



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