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Schubert Der Fledermaus

Der Fledermaus is a one-of-a-kind homebuilt designed and built by E. Alvin Schubert with specific parameters: ease of entry good visibility stability in flight, economy of building and operation, single-place only able to use a VW engine. He picked up a used 25-hp VW in 1960 and rebuilt it to deliver 36-hp with 88-mm cylinders and heads. All goals were achieved. Built circa 1975, it was registered N7873.


Gross weight 745 lbs
Empty weight 441 lb
Fuel capacity 7 Usgal
Wingspan 21 ft
Length 16 ft
Engine 25-hp VW uprated to 36 hp with 88mm cylinders
Vmax 120 mph
Cruise speed 90 mph IAS
Climb rate 600-800 fpm
Ceiling 10,000 ft
Takeoff run 600 ft
Landing roll 800 ft


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