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Schneider Arrow ES-59



Edmund Schneider, who manufactured at Grunau in Silesia, Germany before World War II, moved to Australia after the war with his two sons and this single-seat general purpose club sailplane was commissioned by the Gliding Federation of Australia.
The prototype Arrow flew for the first time on 14 April 1962, and completed its airworthiness trials on 7 May that year.
The cantilever high-set plywood-covered wooden wing has 'bumpers' at the tips and a forward sweep of 3° at the spar; there are wooden scissor-type air brakes at the 45% chord line and flaps are not fitted, the wooden ailerons being ply-covered. A one piece wing designed by Edmund’s son Harry. The fuselage is plywood-covered semimonocoque and the tail unit a ply-covered cantilever wooden structure. There is a non-retractable monowheel with a band brake, and a foam rubber-sprung nose skid forward of it which has a steel shoe; there is also a spring steel tailskid. The pilot sits under a sideways-opening Perspex canopy, and is provided with cushions and a sunshade; extra instrumentation can be installed if required.



Small-scale production was put in hand, and 10 Arrows had been built by 1966, the latest production version being the ES 59 Series 2, which had a shorter swept fin and rudder than the initial production aircraft.
A two-piece 15 m wing version was contructed for the 1965 World Championships.
No. Built: 10


Wing span: 13.23m / 43.4ft
Wing area: 11sq.m / 118.3sq.ft
Aspect ratio: 16
Airfoil: NACA 63-618 mod.
Empty Weight: 174kg / 383lb
Payload: 106kg / 233lb
Gross Weight: 280kg / 616lb
L/DMax: 30 89 kph / 48 kt / 55 mph
MinSink: 0.82 m/s / 2.7 fps / 1.60 kt
Wing Load: 25.45kg/sq.m / 5.2lb/sq.ft
Seats: 1


ES 59 Series 2
Span: 43 ft 5 in
Length: 22 ft 2.5 in
Height: 4 ft 7 in
Wing area: 118.3 sqft
Aspect ratio: 16.0
Empty weight: 375 lb
Max weight: 616 lb
Max speed: 148 mph
Max aero-tow speed: 80 mph
Min sinking speed: 2.7 ft/sec at 46 mph
Best glide ratio: 28:1 at 51 mph






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