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Anderson, Greenwood & Co AG-14 / AND-51



Ander-son, Greenwood & Company was organized in 1945 to design and manufacture airplanes. Its first model, the AG-14, was ready five years later. The AG-14 was a little pusher that was certificated, but the Korean War came along and only 5 AG14's were ever produced during 1950-1953.




One AG-14 prototype was built in 1947, NX80828, which received the Approved Type Certificate 4A1. It was later re-designated as AND-51.
The five AG-14 production examples built in 1950 were N9300K to N9304K, c/ns 1 to 5), later redesignated AND-51-A, with the same Approved Type Certificate 4A1. C/n 2 later became N4254M and c/n 3 later became N314AG.




Engine: Continental 90
Wing span: 34 feet 7 inches
Length: 22 feet
Top Speed: over 120 mph
Landing Speed: 49 mph
Cruising range: 4 hours
Service Ceiling: 16,500
Rate of Climb: over 700 f.p.m.



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