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Sallen Mach 15

A single seat open or partially enclosed frame gyrocopter. Pre-rotator spins up to 350 rpm. Airframe is bolted square and round tube aluminium. Shock mounted landing gear.

The Mach 15 Falcon Traveler adds a streamlined body enclosure.

Engine: 64 hp Rotax 582
Prop: 2 blade wood standard, 3 blade composite optional
Rotor blades: Composite 23’ NACA 23012

Mach 15 Falcon Traveler
Min speed: 18 mph
Cruise: 75 mph
Top speed: 90 mph
Empty wt: 360 lb
Useful load: 300 lb
Gross wt: 660 lb
Width: 6’8”
Height: 7’6”
Length: 12’8”




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