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Sikorsky S-22 Ilya Mourometz



In August 1913 a military Voisin biplane broke up in the air over the airfield and its engine fell onto the Grand. Sikorsky subsequently redesigned the aircraft as the Ilya Muromets which was even bigger. Its wing span was 10 ft greater than that of Le Grand and it weighed 10,000 lb.
A four bay biplane with braced extensions of upper wings. With two spar wooden wings and wooden fuselage, all fabric covered, ailerons were fitted to the top wings.
The first flight of Ilya Mourometz No. 1, in January 1914, was made with a skid undercarriage. On 11 February 1914 this machine set a new world record by carrying aloft 16 people and a dog. A familiar picture of it shows the big biplane landing with two fur­coated passengers taking a stroll along its fuselage‑top promenade. Five months after the first flight, it flew several times as a seaplane.
The Ilya Muromets went into production as a heavy bomber for the Imperial Russian Air ServiceEskadra Vozdushnykh Korablei (Squadron of Flying Ships) built at the Russo-Baltic Wagon Works. Seventy‑three were built, and few of these production aircraft were identical, improvement and developing being continuous, and short engines meant they were flown with a variety of powerplant which, in some cases, involved a mix of engines on one aircraft.
The first version used in combat was the Type B, with Salmson engines of 135-200 hp and an armament of only two machine guns. The largest of the series was the Type IMYe2, with a wingspan of 34.50m and a gross weight of 7,000kg.
Ilya Muromets E
They were so effective on more than 400 bombing raids against Germany and Lithua­nia in 1915 that Great Britain and France sought permission from Czar Nicholas II to produce the design under licence, though nothing came of the scheme before the 1917 Russian Revolution sent Sikorsky fleeing to the United States.
They made 400 successful raids for the loss of only one aircraft, shot down by German fighters after I destroyed three of the enemy aircraft.


Engines: 4 x Argus, 100 hp
Wingspan: 30.9/22.0 m / 101 ft 5 in / 72 ft 2 in
Length: 17.1 m / 56 ft 1 in
Wing area: 148.0 sq.m / 1593.06 sq ft
Max take-off weight: 5100 kg / 11244 lb
Max. speed: 110 km/h / 68 mph
Range: 600 km / 373 miles
Armament: 8 machine-guns, bombs
Crew: 10


Ilya Muromets E
Engines: 4 x Renault, 200 hp
Props: 2 blade
Wingspan: 102 ft 8 in
Wing area: 20050 sq.ft
Length: 59 ft 8 in
Empty weight: 10,600 lb
MTOW: 17,600 lb
Max speed: 85 mph at 5000 ft’
Endurance: 4 hr
Armament: up to 7 mg
Bombload: 1000-1500 lb


Sikorsky IM-W Ilya Muromet
Engine: 4 x Argus, 138 hp
Length: 56.102 ft / 17.1 m
Wingspan: 97.769 ft / 29.8 m
Wing area: 1345.5 sq.ft / 125.0 sq.m
Max take off weight: 9812.3 lb / 4450.0 kg
Max. speed: 67 kts / 125 km/h
Service ceiling: 12139 ft / 3700 m
Wing loading: 7.38 lb/sq.ft / 36.00 kg/sq.m
Endurance: 5 h
Crew: 5
Armament: 3-7x MG, 700kg Bomb.


Sikorsky S-22 Ilya Muromet



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