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Simunek / Kamaryt SK-1 Trempik


The Simunek/Kamaryt SK-1 dates from 1968, when Jan Simunek began to design the Trempik (Little Tramp). Construction started in his apartment in the following year. He was joined by Jaroslav Kamaryt, who assisted with design and stress calculations. In 1975 manufacture was transferred to the Rudy Letov agricultural equipment factory at Prague. The aircraft flew for the first time in October 1979.

The Cub-like machine has a welded steel-tube forward section with a wooden semi-monocoque rear fuselage. Trempik's two-spar wing has a birch plywood leading edge, glass-reinforced plastic wing-tips, wooden ailerons, and a fabric covering. Tailplane and elevator are wooden, and the rudder is fabric-covered light alloy tube.
The 75 h.p. Praga D-1 powerplant drives a two-blade, fixed-pitch propeller taken from a Praga E-117 Air Baby.

Wing span: 30ft 6in
Length: 19ft 5.5in
Height: 7ft 53in
Empty weight: 785 lb (356kg)
Max payload: 386 lb (175kg)
MTOW: 1267 lb (575kg)
Max IAS at SL: 116kt/133 mph
Cruise speed SL: 86kt
Stalling speed: 43kt
Service ceiling: 14,775ft (4,500m)
Take-off run: 394ft (120m)
Landing run: 492ft (150m)


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