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Rotary Air Force / RAF 1000


Bernard Haseloh holds the first Gyro Pilot’s License issued in Canada and is widely recognized as a pioneer in the gyroplane industry.  Mr. Haseloh is highly regarded by Federal Aviation Regulators having for many years served as the designated gyroplane instructor for Alberta, Canada.
Bernard Haseloh served as a key technical advisor to the development, testing & design of the RAF 2000

1987 the Group forms Rotary Air Force Marketing Inc, First aircraft to go into production is the RAF 1000, recognizing the need for proper flight instruction and to meet the demand for a two place gyroplane the Rotary Air Force team introduces the Two place Gyroplane in 1989.

A single seat enclosed gyrocopter. Engine: 130 hp EA82 or EJ22 Subaru. Pre-rotator spins up to 350 rpm. Airframe is bolted square and round tube aluminium. Shock mounted landing gear.

Engine: Subaru EA-82
HP range: 100-130
Prop: 60” x 13o Warp Drive 3 blade composite
Rotor blades: 28’ RAF composite.
Height: 8 ft
Length: 12.16 ft
Disk span: 25 ft
Disk area: 555.7 sq.ft
Fuel cap: 12 USG
Weight empty: 460 lb
Gross: 1125 lb
Speed max: 115 mph
Cruise: 80 mph
ROC: 1000 fpm
Take-off dist: 150 ft
Landing dist: 1-10 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: nose wheel


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