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Striplin Star Ranger

High monowing with enclosed cabin. Control surfaces include tip rudders, which can be split When applied simul-taneously they act as air brakes. Construction consists of layered foam and fiberglass from premolded external skins and some spruce. Wings, tail surfaces and fuselage are covered with fiberglass. Powerplant: One Yamaha mounted in a pusher position aft of the wing on the centerline. A reduction gear of 3.6:1 turns a two-blade wooden Ritz propeller. Fuel is carried in a fiberglass tank mounted in the wing. Landing Gear: Shock-mounted tricycle gear with a fiberglass leaf spring and steerable nosewheel. Options include wheel fairings for all three wheels for $100, larger diameter wheels (16 inch, 40 cm) $105, skis $150, floats $750, removable side windows $100, instrument panel, radio, shoulder harness $22, ballistic deployment parachute $850.

Engine displacement 100 or 225cc, 12 or 20 hp
Static thrust, 70 lbs or 110 lbs
Wingspan, 32 ft
Wing area, 151 sq.ft
Aspect ratio, 7:1
Overall length, 14 ft
Empty weight. 185 lb
Usable payload (include fuel), 250 lb
Wing loading, 31 lbs/sq.ft
L/D power-off glide ratio,17:l
Cruise speed (85% power), 59 mph
Stall speed, 18 mph
Ap-proach speed, 35 mph
Flair speed, 25 mph
Liftoff speed, 25 mph
Takeoff roll distance, 225 ft
Rate of climb, 250 fpm
Fuel capacity, 5 Usgal
Range at cruise, 325 mi


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