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Robertson B2-RD Instructor


The B2-RD is the same as the B1-RD except: Side-by-side two-seater. Wing has swept back leading edge, swept forward trailing edge and taper-ing chord. Shown for the first time at Sun 'n' Fun in Lakeland, Florida in March 1983, the B2-RD is basically an extrapolation of the Bl-RD concept, the principal differ-ences between the two aircraft being the wing design and the power unit. The B2-RD wing uses a swept back leading edge and has a larger area and span than its single-seat stablemate, while the Cuyuna engine is replaced by a Rotax 503. Being a two-seater, the B2-RD is not classified as an ultralight in the US, and the company announced in April 1983 that the aircraft will only be sold to dealers.

Engine: Rotax 503, 42hp at 6200rpm
Propeller diameter and pitch 72 x 36 inch, 1.83 x 0.91 m
V-belt reduction, ratio 2.7/1
Max static thrust 320 lb, 145 kg
Power per unit area 4.8 hp/sq.ft, 2.4 hp/sq.m
Fuel capacity 7.0 US gal, 5.8 Imp gal, 26.5 litre
Length overall 18.4 ft, 5.61 m
Height overall 8.0ft, 2.44m
Wing span 32.6ft, 9.93m
Chord at root 7.3 ft, 2.21 m
Chord at tip 5.0ft, 1.52m
Dihedral 3 deg
Sweepback 0 deg
Tailplane span 10.0ft, 3.05m
Fin height 3.0 ft, 0.91 m
Total wing area 190 sq.ft, 17.7 sq.m
Total aileron area 18.0 sq.ft, 1.67 sq.m
Fin area 3.0 sq.ft, 0.28 sq.m
Rudder area 13.0 sq.ft, 1.21 sq.m
Tailplane area 30.0 sq.ft, 2.79 sq.m
Total elevator area 15.0 sq.ft, 1.39 sq.m
Wing aspect ratio 5.6/1
Wheel track 5.0 ft, 1.52 m
Wheelbase 16.0 ft, 4.87 m
Tailwheel diameter overall 5 inch, 13 cm
Main wheels diameter overall 16 inch, 41 cm
Empty weight 325 lb, 147kg
Max take-off weight 725 lb, 328 kg
Payload 400 lb, 181 kg
Max wing loading 3.81 lb/sq.ft, 18.6 kg/sq.m
Max power loading 17.3 lb/hp, 7.8 kg/hp
Load factors +3.0, -2.0 design
Max level speed 55 mph, 88 kph
Never exceed speed 75 mph, 121 kph
Max cruising speed 48 mph, 77 kph
Economic cruising speed 35 mph, 56 kph
Stalling speed 24 mph, 38 kph
Max climb rate at sea level 450 ft/min, 2.3 m/s
Min sink rate 300 ft/min at 30 mph, 1.5 m/s at 48 kph
Best glide ratio with power off 5.5/1 at 30mph, 48 kph
Take-off distance 140 ft, 43 m
Land-ing distance 100ft, 30m
Service ceiling 12,000 ft, 3660 m
Range at average cruising speed 110 mile, 177 km


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