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Replica Plans SE-5A


The 5/6th scale replica was designed as an easy and inexpensive representation of this famous First World War Fighter using modern materials and engines. The reduced scale allows for the use of 65 to 100 hp “flat four” engines although some examples have more powerful engines. Wood and fabric construction.




The prototype flew in Canada in 1970 and there were two flying in New Zealand with at least two more under construction. The wooden wing has a leading edge covered with either fibreglass or aluminum, the rest being fabric-covered. The plywood-covered box fuselage has a fabric-covered turtle-deck and aluminum-covered forward section. Performance from an 85 hp powered SE-5A Replica are a cruise speed of 135 km/h and 150 m/min climb rate.






Engine: Continental O-200, 100 hp
HP range: 85-125
Height: 7.67 ft
Length: 18.18 ft
Wing span: 23.33 ft
Wing area: 146 sq.ft
Fuel cap: 18 USG
Weight empty: 750 lb
Gross: 1150 lb
Speed max: 110 mph
Cruise: 80 mph
Range: 250 sm
Stall: 35 mph
ROC: 900 fpm
Take-off dist: 400 ft
Landing dist: 550 ft
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft
Seats: 1
Landing gear: tail wheel


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