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RANS S-19 Venterra


The S-19 is a low wing monoplane of traditional aluminum construction, featuring a constant chord wing.

The S-19 is powered by a Rotax 912 ULS engine producing 100 HP. The aircraft seats two in side by side in a 43.5” wide cockpit. Headroom is ample for even 6’4” pilots, and even larger with slight modifications.

Baggage can be carried in a 13 cubic foot compartment behind the seats with a loading capacity of 70lb. This compartment can be extended to the rear for approximate 9.5 cubic foot additional baggage space with a loading capacity of 30 lb.

The S-19 structure is of “monocoque” (stressed skin) carrying most of the strength through the aluminum skins. The skins are sufficiently supported with an  internal structure of bulkheads and stringers to maintain shape.




High quality blind rivets are used throughout the construction of the airframe, with the exception of the spars, which come assembled with solid rivets. The fit and finish of the parts allowing virtually jigless assembly, and many parts to final hole size accelerate and assure a high quality structure. The S-19 may appear complicated, and high in part count, but we assure you the well machined components will assemble quickly, and with much lightness, due to the great care made in keeping things light.
The S-19 is a low wing monoplane of traditional aluminum construction, featuring a constant chord wing.

Kit Price 2010 w/o Engine: US$25,650
Plans Price: FREE ON CD; US$100 paper manual


In 2012 the previous S-LSA—the S-19LS Venterra low-wing, all-aluminum cruiser and S-6LS Coyote II (2,000 delivered) moved back to E-LSA or EAB kits-only status.


Engine: Rotax 912S, 100 hp
Propeller Diameter: 68 in
Propeller: 2 Blade ground adjustable     
Gear Reduction: 1:2.43
Fuel G.P.H.: 5.0 gal @ 75%  
Wing Span: 28 ft
Wing area: 126.9 sq ft
Mean Chord: 4 ft 7 in
Aspect: 6.18
Height: 95.5 in
Cockpit Width: 43.5 in
Seats: 2
Landing Gear: nose or tail
Baggage Capacity: 70 lbs
Fuel Capacity: 28 gal US
Take Off Roll: 325 ft
Rate of Climb: 900 fpm
Service Ceiling: 14,500 ft
Cruise: 128 mph
VNE: 150 mph
Stall Clean: 51 mph
Stall Flaps: 45 mph
Landing Roll: 325 ft
Cruise (@75%): 128 mph
Fuel burn(75%): 5.0 USgal/hr
Endurance (@75%): 4.55 hrs
Range (@75%): 580 miles
Cruise (@65%): 120 mph
Fuel burn(65%): 4.5 USgal/hr
Endurance (@65%): 5.10 hrs
Range (@65%): 610 miles
Gross Weight: 1320 lbs
Empty Weight: 820 lb
Useful Load: 500 lbs
Wing Loading: 10.4 psf     
Power Loading: 13.2 lb/hp
Design Load: +4.4/ -2


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