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Rand KR-1


Ken designed the KR-1 in 1972 using cutting edge building techniques that would later become the standard for modern aviation.

The KR-1 is the single seat low wing retractable monoplane which is typically powered by smaller VW engines, up to the VW 2100. The KR-1B motorglider is a standard KR-1 with modified outer wing sections. With this simple wing conversion, the original KR-1 becomes an excellent self-powered glider.

Ken Rand, in 1974, commenced marketing plans and kits for the single seat KR-1 and two-place KR-2. Utilising spruce, foam and Dynal cloth in construction, these designs could be built in as few as 800 hours sparetime work. The clean lines and smooth finishes attainable with this technique meant reduced drag, resulting in higher speeds on less power. Retractable gear adds to its performance. The prototype KR 1 (first flown in February 1972) reached 150 mph in level flight, powered by a 36 hp converted VW car engine. Instant acceptance saw 9000 plans and kitsets sold within the first five years.

Engine: VW 1834, 60 hp
HP range: 60-80
Length: 12' 9"
Wing Span: 17' 0"
Total Wing Area: 62 sq. ft.
Empty weight: 375 lbs
Gross weight: 750 lbs.
Useful load: 375 lbs.
Baggage capacity: 20 lbs. max
Take off distance: 350 ft.
Landing distance: 900 ft.
Stall Speed: 52 mph
Maximum Speed: 200 mph
Cruise Speed: 180 mph
Range: 1400 miles
Rate of Climb (light): 1200 fpm
Rate of Climb (gross): 800 fpm
Service ceiling: 15,000 ft.
Fuel: 8-30 USgal.
Fuel consumption: 3.8 USgph
Landing gear: Fixed conventional or trigear, or retractable conventional
Seats: 1
Width at shoulders: 21 in
Width at Hips: 19 in

Engine: 1835 VW
Span: 17'6"
Length: 15'9"
Empty Weight: 410 lb
Useful Load: 340 lb
Wing Area: 75 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Take Off Distance: 600 ft
Stall: 45 mph
Landing Speed: 58 mph
Cruise: 140 - 160 mph
Rate of Climb: 900 fpm


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