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Birdman Enterprises Firebird

Made in 1976, the Firebird is capable of soaring in very low wind speeds and is capable of being rigged very quickly. The Firebird was offered as an intermediate glider in two sizes of leading edges 19 ft and 20 ft. The price was £265.00 in 1976.
Firebird S
Made in 1977, the Firebird 'S' was for new to intermediate pilots. A very easy handling glider, performance was as high as possible whilst retaining forgiving characteristics. Two sizes were available, 190 sq ft and 215 sq ft, with the 190 priced at £363.00 ex VAT. This glider replaced the existing Firebird.
Firebird S
Wing area: 190 sq.ft
Leading edge: 19 ft
Keel: 16 ft
Nose angle: 96 deg
Aspect ratio: 4.12
Span: 28 ft
L/D: 6.5:1
Min sink: 280 fpm
Firebird S
Wing area: 215 sq.ft




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