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AB Helicopters A/W 95


A single-seat open-frame helicopter, Doug Schwochert's adaptation of the Adams-Wilson design included a re-designed main and tailrotor-swash plate and main frame. Plans include over 100 pages of CAD drawings and photos. The rotor blades are from A-B Helicopter, and are all aluminum extruded spar with full length aluminum skins bonded and riveted.

The A/W 95 features of true helicopter vertical take-off & landing, and forward, backward, sideward & hover flight, with standard helicopter-type control system.



Improvements on the original Adams-Wilson design include a higher power-to-weight engine, improved, more durable swash plate and tail rotor system and updated airframe design.

Now powered by a Rotax 503, the drive of the rear rotor has been redesigned and the rotor head reinforced to take extruded dural blades.
Engine: Rotax 503, 52 hp
Rotor span: 5.94 m
Blade area: 0.178 sq.m
MAUW: 222 kg
Empty weight: 120 kg
Cruise speed: 97 kph
Minimum speed: 0 kph
Fuel consumption: 15 lt/hr
Seats: 1
Plan price (1998): $79


Engines: 52 hp Rotax 503 or larger (2-cycle only)
HP range: 50-75            
Engine rpm: 6200-6500
Rotor Diameter: 19 ft 5 in / 5.94m        
Rotor blade chord: 7 in / 17.78cm
Airfoil: .0012             
Main rotor rpm: 435-450
Tail rotor diameter: 3 ft 4 in / 102 cm         
Tail rotor rpm: 2800
Min Speed: Hover            
Cruise: 55-60 mph
Top Speed: 65 mph             
Empty Weight: 272 lb / 123 kgs
Useful Load: 225 lbs / 102 kg        
Gross Weight: 497 lb / 222 kg
Width: 5 ft 9 in / 175 cm        
Height: 6 ft 5 in / 196 cm
Length: 15 ft / 4.57m        
Fuel capacity: 5 USG
Endurance: 1 hr            
Ceiling: 10,500 ft

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