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TeST TST-7 Junior


Czech Republic design imported to Canadaand sold by Boohemican International.  This motorglider is a modified version of the TST-1Alpin. More or less an ALPIN with the engine mounted in the front and a fixed three-wheel undercarraige, first flown in 1995. Ready to fly $16,250.  Two to three month delivery date on kits.  Plans $325.

Engine used: Czech M-215
Hp/Hp range: 40/40-55
Length: 19.1 ft
Wing span: 40.4 ft
Wing area: 107.6 sq ft
Fuel Capicty: 6 gal
Empty weight: 561 lbs
Gross weight: 990 lbs
Top Speed: 110 mph
Cruise: 70 mph
Stall: 41 mph
Range: 250 s.m
Rate of climb: 900  fpm
Takeoff distance: 600 ft
Landing distance: 400 ft
Service ceiling: 10,000 ft
No. seats: 1
Landing gear: trigear
Bldg materials: CWF
Bldg man hours: 600
No completed and flown: 3
Info package: $10
Kit cost: $9,840
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