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TeST TST-1 Alpin


The firm designed its first wooden ultralight glider, the TST-1 Alpin, and tested the prototype in 1993. Despite gliding parameters that could bring smiles today, the glider demonstrated a couple of interesting performance feats – e.g. several 300 km FAI triangles and even a 500 km FAI triangle.

The Aplin is a standard club type with a 40.7 ft wingspan for the novice and average skill pilot.

Air Est Services of Marley in France would supply either plans or kits for the TST-1 and would even build a completed sailplane.

Initial engine options were the Czech built UVMV of 28 hp or a 24 hp Koneig.

The design was imported to Canda and sold by Boohemican International.  Certified as European ultralight. In 1997, Ready to fly price $15,250, and a two to three month delivery date on kits.  Plans cost $325.

The JAR 22 certified single seater glider / motorglider version has a detachable auxiliary Rotax 447 engine in pusher configuration..


There is a tractor version called the TST 1 Junior.




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