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This homebuilt was designed to meet the requirements of aerobatic competition. It is stressed to + 12G and -11G. The Akro’s wing is a one-piece, all-wood structure with two spars, and its fuselage is a fabric-covered steel tube frame. Seating is for one under a sliding bubble canopy. The Model B has both a fuel and an oil system for in-verted flight. The Akro is one of the most popular aerobatic ships in the monoplane class. All control surfaces are fully static-balanced.


Dec 73


The Aircraft Technologies Akro 1 first flew in March 1994.






Gross Wt. 1100 lb
Empty Wt. 830 lb
Fuel capacity 21 USG
Wingspan 24’4”
Length 19’
Wing area: 98 sq.ft
Engine 180-hp Lycoming
Top 192 mph
Cruise 175 mph
Stall 54 mph
Climb rate 2100 fpm
Ceiling 22,000 ft
Takeoff run 400 ft
Landing roll 900 ft
Range 375 sm
Seats: 1

Aircraft Technologies Akro 1

Engine: Lycoming IO-360, 200 hp
HP range: 100-200
Top speed: 270 mph
Cruise: 220 mph
Stall: 58 mph
Range: 1000 sm
ROC: 3500 fpm
Service ceiling: 25,000 ft
Fuel cap: 47 USG
Empty wt: 780 lbs
MTOW: 1250 lbs
Length: 17 ft
Wing span: 20 ft
Wing area: 60 sq.ft
Seats: 1
Undercarriage: tailwheel
Ultimate load: +/- 15g
Roll rate: 360 deg./sec


Engine: Lycoming IO-360, 200 hp
Wing span: 6.1 m
Wing area: 5.52 sq.m
MAUW: 567 kg
Empty weight: 354 kg
Fuel capacity: 178 lt
Max speed: 434 kph
Cruise speed: 354 kph
Minimum speed: 93 kph
Climb rate: 15 m/s
Seats: 1
Fuel consumption: 40 lt/hr
Plan price (1998): $225
Kit price (1998): $22,900



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