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Pitcairn PA-22

Cierva developed progressively more sophisticated designs with a means to tilt the rotor head and altering the pitch (angle) of each individual rotor blade, called collective and cyclic control, and, making use of Pitcairn's prerotator, achieved a "jump takeoff" capacity with the C19MkIV in 1931-32 The rotor would be spun up at zero pitch and then "snapped" into a positive angle, causing the aircraft to "jump" into air, an ability developed by Pitcairn the next year in the developmental PA-22 Autogiro.

Year: 1933
Seats: 2
Engine: Pobjoy Niagra, 90 hp
Gross wt: 1140 lb
Empty wt: 600 lb
Rotor dia: 32 ft
No of blades: 3
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