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Percival P.50 / P.54 Prince / Sea Prince


The 1948 Percival Prince was a British light transport of the early post-war period. It was a twin-engine, high-wing, cantilever monoplane of all-metal stressed-skin construction; the undercarriage was of retractable, tricycle type. The design of the Prince followed on from the solitary Merganser.

Further development of the type led to the Survey Prince survey aircraft and the Sea Prince. The official designation of the Naval communications version of the Percival Prince was given as Sea Prince C.2.

An improved version of the Prince 3 with an increased wingspan and engine and undercarriage modifications was developed for the Royal Air Force as the Percival Pembroke. The Percival Prince 5 - the transport variant of the Pembroke.


Sea Prince T.1



Prince C.Mk.1

Prince Surveyor



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