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Nord / SNCAN
Societe Nationale De Constructions Aeronautiques Du Nord

In France, the Socialist Government of the so-called Popular Front brought all the companies building military aircraft, aero engines and ar-mament under its control in 1936. The im-mediate result was the socialized oblivion of such established companies as Marcel Bloch, Bleriot, Nieuport, Potez, Dewoitine, Hanriot and Farman within half a dozen nationalized groups or Societies Nationales, named according to their geographical location (Nord, Ouest, Centre, Midi and so on). Les Mureaux, CAMS, and part of Breguet, Amoit and Potez formed SNCAN in 1938.

Dominant concern was production of Potez 630 series of twin-engined multipurpose aircraft. Peak output reached in May 1940. Development of basic type (e.g. Potez 671 specialized fighter with elliptical wing) was also SNCAN concern.

After World War II, although four of the nationalized groups continued operating un-der state control, private companies were al-lowed to resume the design and manufacture of both civil and military aircraft. Some of the pioneering names of French aviation, such as Breguet and Morane-Saulnier, returned to prominence, and by 1950 a new one had been added - Avions Marcel Dassault.

Caudron joined SNCAN in 1947.

Aerocentre / SNCAC went into liquidation during 1949, its plants and work being shared by SNCAN (Nord), SNCASO (Sud-Ouest) and engine form SNECMA.

In 1954, when company flew prototypes of trainers later built in quantity, amalgamated with Societe Frangaise d'Etudes et de Constructions de Materiels Aeronautiques Speciaux (SFECMAS, formerly Arsenal de I'Aeronautique).

From January 1958 called Nord Aviation. Under new name continued development of Nord/SFECMAS Gerfaut delta wing fighter; also Griffon, with fuselage forming outer casing of very large ramjet with turbojet in center for take-off and to ignite ramjet. Noratlas twin-boom transport, though first flown September 1949, continued in production and development under new name, achieving wide success. Nord name was emphasized in Noroit flying boat and Noreclair shipboard aircraft.

Max Holste joined Nord in 1961.

On January 1st, 1970 three French nationalised aircraft companies - Sud-Aviation, Nord Aviation and the missile manufacturing company, SEREB - were merged into Aérospatiale.

Nord-Aviation produced a version of the Messerschmitt Bf 108 Taifun, known as the Nord 1002 Pingouin, for the French military service immediately after the Second World War. A tricycle landing gear variant, the Nord 1101 Noralpha, and a redesigned civilian four-seat derivative, the Nord 1203 Norecrin, were also produced in quantity, together with Nord NC-853/856 Norvigie liaison/trainer aircraft delivered to the French army and to aero clubs in the mid-1950s. A batch of N.1402 Noroit twin-engined amphibians were built for the French navy; and the N.2501 Noratlas twin-boom, twin-engined transport, first flown 1952, was subsequently produced in France and Germany. Nord took over the Max Holste Super Broussard twin-engined transport design and developed it as the Nord 262 airliner, delivered to European and U.S. airlines and to the French navy by Aerospatiale.



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