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Myasishchev M-50 / M-52 / Bounder


To succeed its M-4, Myasishchyev produced the M-50, codenamed 'Bounder' by NATO.

It was based on a very long area-ruled fuselage with two four-wheel main landing gear bogies arranged in tandem to retract into the lower fuselage. This was basically the same arrangement as that used in the M-4, as was the use of two twin-wheel stabilizers of the outrigger type that retracted aft into the wingtips. The cropped delta wing was located in the shoulder position with its leading edges swept at 500 inboard decreasing to 41030’ outboard. The tail unit was conventional for a supersonic type, with powered all-moving slab tailplane halves and a fin with a powered rudder.

The crew of three was accommodated in a pressurized nose compartment on tandem ejector seats behind a V-shaped windscreen whose contours were continued aft of the cockpit by a long dorsal spine stretching as far as the extreme tail. In the first aeroplane the four engines were located on pylons under the wing leading edges. Power was provided by four Soloviev D-15 turbo-jets of 13000kg thrust.




First flight dates between 1957 and 1961 have been quoted, and it is believed that a maximum speed in the order of Mach 1.8 was achieved. By the standards of the day this was a good figure, but the range of 3730 miles (6000 km) without payload was poor. It was seen at the 1961 Soviet Aviation Day display.

The last of several prototypes, generally known as the M-52, had a different powerplant arrangement: the two inboard engines remained on underwing pylons. The M-52 was powered by four Kolesov ND-7F or VD-7F turbojets, with an afterburning thrust of 18145kg. The two outboard engines remained non-afterburning units but were arranged on pylons with forward-swept leading edges projecting horizontally from the cropped tips of the delta wings. The M-50/M-52 series failed to progress past the prototype stage. The Bounder was intended ro carry a weapons load of up to 20,000kg.

Engines: 2 x 14500kg Kolesov VD-7F and 2 x 12260kg VD-7 turbojets
Wingspan: 37.0 m / 121 ft 5 in
Length: 57.0 m / 187 ft 0 in
Height: 12.0 m / 39 ft 4 in
Wing area: 282.0 sq.m / 3035.42 sq ft
Max take-off weight: 200000 kg / 440927 lb
Empty weight: 74500 kg / 164245 lb
Max. speed: 1053 kts / 1950 km/h / 1212 mph
Cruise speed: 1500 km/h / 932 mph
Ceiling: 20000 m / 65600 ft
Range w/max.fuel: 6000 km / 3728 miles
Armament: 20000kg of bombs and missiles
Crew: 2


Myasishchev M-50



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