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Thomas-Morse O-19 / O-20 / O-21
Morse O-19
Thomas-Morse O-19B
The Thomas-Morse O-19 two-seat observation aircraft was a 1929 improved version of XO-6 design.
The prototype XO-19, 28-400, first flew in April 1929 powered with a 450hp P&W R-1340-3. Only the one XO-19 was built, later becoming the XO-19B. Converted in 1930, it was for McCook Field tests as P-598.
Two O-19 were built in 1929 for service tests, powered with the 500hp R-1340-9 engine. They became O-20 28-401 and -21 29-369.
The sole O-19A from 1929, 29-370, featured a modified fuel tank.
The O-19B of 1930 was the first production version, with new cockpits. Seventy were built, 30-90 to 30-159, the first converted to Y1O-33.
Thomas-Morse O-19B
Seventy-one O-19C from 1931 were built by Consolidated Co: 31-278 to 31-348. They featured a ring cowling and tail wheel. One O-19C, 31-279, was converted in 1931 as staff transport for the Secretary of War.
Thomas-Morse O-19C
Thirty of the 1932 O-19E were built: 31-523 to 31-552.
Thomas-Morse O-19E
The Thomas-Morse O-20 of 1929 was the O-19 powered with a 525hp P&W R-1690-1. One was built as the YO-20 (28-402), plus one re-designated from O-19 (28-401).
The Thomas-Morse O-21 was the O-19 with a 600hp Curtiss H-1640 Chieftain engine.
One XO-21 was built, 28-403, and one O-21 re-designated from O-19, 29-369, in 1929.
Thomas-Morse XO-21 28-403
The 1929 XO-21A was XO-21 refitted with a 525hp Wright R-1750-1 engine.
The Thomas-Morse O-23 of 1929 was an O-19 with a 600hp Curtiss GV-1570-29 Conqueror engine. One was built as YO-23 (29-352).
Development/production of these continued after Thomas-Morse had been acquired in 1929 by Consolidated Aircraft Corporation.
Engine: P&W R-1340-3, 450hp
Engine: P&W R-1340-9, 500hp
Engine: P&W R-1340-7, 450hp
Wingspan: 39'9"
Wing area: 348 sq.ft
Length: 28'4"
Height: 10 ft
Empty weight: 2732 lb
Gross weight: 3910 lb
Max weight: 4233 lb
Fuel capacity: 80+40 USG
Useful load: 1078 lb
Max speed: 139 mph at SL / 135 mph at 10,000 ft
Cruise speed: 121 mph
Landing speed: 57 mph
Service ceiling: 20,500 ft
ROC: 1780 fpm
Tme to 10,000 ft: 11 min
Range: 397 mi normal / 462 mi max
Seats: 2
Engine: R-1340-7, 450hp
Wingspan: 39 ft 9 in
Wing area: 348 sq.ft
Length: 29 ft
Height: 10 ft 0 in
Empty weight: 2769 lb
Gross weight: 3921 lb
Max weight: 4269 lb
Fuel capacity: 76+39 USG
Top speed: 143 mph at SL / 137 mph at 10,000 ft
Cruise speed: 124 mph
Landing speed: 57 mph
Service ceiling: 20,000 ft
Absolute ceiling: 21,800 ft
ROC: 1810 fpm
Climb to 10,000 ft: 11 min
Range: 377 mi normal / 436 mi max
Engine: R-1340-15, 575hp at 5000 ft
Wingspan: 40'0"
Wing area: 359 sq.ft
Length: 28'10"
Height: 10 ft 4 in
Empty weight: 2774 lb
Gross weight: 3938 lb
Max weight: 4275 lb
Fuel capacity: 80+40 USG
Top speed: 156 mph at 5000 ft / 153 mph at 10,000 ft
Cruise speed: 136 mph
Landing speed: 57 mph
Service ceiling: 23,500 ft
Climb to 10,000 ft: 10.7 min
Range: 473 mi
Engine: P&W R-1690-1, 525hp
Engine: Curtiss H-1640 Chieftain, 600hp
Engine: Wright R-1750-1, 525hp
Engine: Curtiss GV-1570-29 Conqueror, 600hp
Wingspan: 29'9"
Speed: 192 mph

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