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Morse S-4 / S-5

S4C Scout


Designed by B D Thomas, the S-4 was evaluated for combat, but rejected and used as a trainer. The S-4 civil prototype (possibly still extant as NR66Y).was powered with a 100hp Gnôme and first flew in June 1917, piloted by Paul D Wilson. Twelve went to the USN, A395 to A406.
S-4 prototype
Thomas brothers, backed by Morse Chain Company, built three civil S-4B and 97 S-4B single-seat biplane advanced trainers for the Army, AS4276 to AS4372, plus ten for the USN, A3235 to A3244.
Thomas-Morse S-4C AS-38739
The improved S-4Cs were built powered by 80hp Gnôme B-9 or 80hp LeRhône C-9 engines. Priced at $5400, six civil, 461 for Army (AS38637 to AS38979, AS39882, AS41359 to AS41408, and AS44608 to AS44674), and four with twin floats for USN (A5855 to A5858); 50 with Gnôme and 447 with LeRhône, were built.
The designation S-5 was applied to S-4B fitted with two short main floats and a tail float. Six, A757 to A762, went to the US Navy in 1917.
Thomas-Morse S-5 A-762
Thomas-Morse S-4E
The 1918 S-4E had a tapered wings and redesigned landing gear and a 110hp LeRhône. One was built for evaluation as an aerobatic trainer but was rejected and used as a racer ‘Space-Eater’ with a 135hp Aeromarine V-8, piloted by Basil Rowe.
Thomas-Morse S-4C as civil racer NR502
The S-4 was in considerable varied civil use from war surplus with about 60 show on records, with many converted to 90hp Curtiss OX-5.
Yackey produced three place conversions.
Engine: 100hp Gnôme
Speed: 95 mph
Engine: 100hp Gnôme
Wingspan: 27'0"
Length: 20'3"
Speed: 95 mph
Engine: 1 x 80hp Le Rhone 9C or 80hp Gnôme B-9
Max take-off weight: 623 kg / 1373 lb
Empty weight: 438 kg / 966 lb
Wingspan: 8.08 m / 26 ft 6 in
Length: 6.05 m / 19 ft 10 in
Height: 2.46 m / 8 ft 1 in
Wing area: 21.7 sq.m / 233.58 sq ft
Max speed: 83 kt / 153 km/h / 95 mph
Ceiling: 4500 m / 14750 ft
Initial climb rate: 826.77 ft/min / 4.2 m/s
Range: 217 nm / 402 km
Armament: 1 x .30CAL 7.62mm machine-gun
Crew: 1
Engine: 110hp LeRhône
Wing span: (upper) 22'0" (lower) 14'0"
S-4E Space-Eater
Engine: 135hp Aeromarine V-8
Speed: 103 mph



Thomas-Morse S-4



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