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Moravan Inc.

Zlinska Letecka Akciova Spolecnost formed 1934 as subsidiary of Bata Shoe Company. First aircraft produced was Zlin XII two-seat, low-wing cabin monoplane, followed by Zlin 381, a licence-built Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann. The Zlin 22 appeared in 1947 as a two-seat trainer and was produced also in three-seat Zlin 22M version. Company name changed to Moravan Narodni Podnik in 1949, then Moravan Inc, although products continued to be known as Zlins.
The Zlin 26 all-wood two-seat tandem trainer was superseded by the metal Zlin 126 Trener, which went into production in 1953. The basic design was developed subsequently through Z 226, Z 326, Z 526, and Z 726 models in both Trener (two-seat) and Akrobat (single-seat competition aircraft) variants with retractable landing gear and a variety of engines. As one of the world's foremost aerobatic aircraft, the Zlin was also widely exported outside the Eastern bloc. Production thereafter included Zlin 42 M two-seat light training and touring aircraft, Z 50 L and later Z 50 LS aerobatic aircraft (first flown 1975 in original Z 50 L version) and Z 726 trainer. An agricultural and firefighting monoplane was the Z137 T (first flown 1981). Later produced were the Z 142 two-seat basic and advanced civil/military pistonengined trainer (first flown December 1978), Z 242 variant of Z142 with a U.S. Textron Lycoming engine in place of the L0M Prague type, and Z143 L four-seat lightplane with Textron Lycoming engine (first flown April 1992).

The LG-130 Kmotr (or Z-130) was a product of Moravan Otrokovice (aka Zlin).


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