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Airtech CN-235


Developed by CASA of Spain and IPTN of Indonesia, and marketed by the joint company of Aircraft Technology Industries (AirTech), the CASA/IPTN-designed, General Electric CT7-powered CN-235 first flew in I November 1983. In military configuration a 15,000kg payload may be carried, comprising 48 passengers, 41 paratroops, or 24 stretchers.

Orders to 1990 were nearing 200, with a majority for military operators, including the air arms of Spain Indonesia and those of France, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Botswana, Panama, Morocco and Turkey - where the CN-235 will also be assembled.

Export deliveries began in February 1987, when the Royal Saudi Air Force received the first of four aircraft. Jordan ordered two in 1985, while the Indonesian armed forces will receive 50, comprising 32 for the Air Force and 18 for the Navy. At least six of the latter will be of the maritime surveillance version, with equipment including a 360 degree-scan search radar, AM.39 Exocet anti-shipping missiles, and Mk.46 torpedoes.


Engine: 2 x GE CT7-9C turboprops, 1,870 shp (1 394 kW)
Installed pwr: 2536 kW
Span: 25.8 m
Length: 21.3 m
Wing area: 73 sq.m
Empty wt: 8600 kg
MTOW: 14,400 kg
Payload: 5000 kg
Cruise speed: 454 kph
Initial ROC: 540 m / min
Ceiling: 8110 m
T/O run: 554 m
Ldg run: 585 m
Fuel internal: 5268 lt
Range/payload: 600 km with 5000 kg
Capacity: 38/40 pax


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