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Magni M16
VPM M-16 Tandem Trainer



Designed by Gil Cazumba Cardoso, the M-16 is the Big Mercedes of Magni’s models with a wider cabin and more knee room in the front seat, the partially enclosed, the M-16 includes dual controls, a large instrument panel and standard electric trim. Both the M-16 and M-14 have engine options of a 115-hp Rotax 914 or a 100-hp Rotax 912 ULS. The top speed for both is 115 mph. Crop dusting is also possible in the M-16 with an optional 150 litre agricultural spray gear..

The Magni is constructed from chrome-alloy steel with fibre-glass panels, wheel spats and instrument panel and powered by a water-cooled Rotax 914 Turbo 4 engine delivering 115 hp and driving a ground-adjustable 1.7-m, three-bladed carbon Arplast pusher pro-peller. The 8.5-m two-bladed rotor manufactured by Magni, is composite and has a mechanical pre-rotator and rotor brake. Maximum cruise is 115 mph, while normal cruise is 90 mph and the aircraft's service ceiling is 3,500 m. Fuel in integral cockpit seat/tank of epoxy/glass fibre, capacity 50 litres.




The Magni Gyro M16-2000T is of Italian origin, coming from just outside of Milan, and is a tandem-seat and dual-control aircraft with a semi-enclosed streamlined composite cockpit built around a chrome-alloy 4130 steel tube welded airframe. This gyro comes almost fully equipped, requiring only a compass, radio and intercom to be complete. A tandem two-seat design with full dual controls, wheel pants, leaf-spring and tail planes, an optional rear windscreen was available.

The M 16-2000T was one aircraft (c/n 022074) supplied by manufacturer in September 2003 and modified to United Kingdom BCAR Section T standards for 'Golden Eagle’ world circumnavigation expedition, then due to begin in February 2004.

M-16 Tandem Trainer
Engine: 120 hp Arrow 1000cc.
Prop: 67” VPM composite, 3 blade ground adjustable.
Rotor blades: 28’ x 8.7” VPM composite.
Min speed: 20 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Top speed: 115 mph.
Gross wt: 1432 lbs.
Width: 5’11”.
Height: 8’6”.
Length: 15’3”.

Magni M 16 Tandem Trainer
Rotor diameter: 8.23m
Overall length: 4.65m
Overall width: 1.80m
Overall height: 2.60m
Propeller diameter: 1.70m
Weight empty: 270kg
Max take-off weight: 450kg
Max level speed: 185km/h
Cruising speed: 145km/h
Rate of climb at sea level: 300m/min
Service ceiling: 3500m
Take-off run: 50m
Landing run: up to 30m
Range, no reserves: 481km
Endurance: 3 hr

Engine: Rotax 914.
Prop: ground-adjustable 1.7-m, three-blade Airplast pusher.
Rotor dia: 8.5-m
Cruise: 90 mph
Max speed: 125 mph
Seats: 2.

Magni M-16 Tandem Trainer 2000
Engines: 115 hp Rotax 914UL, 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS
Propeller: 67" composite 3-blade ground adjustable
Rotor Blades: 27' composite (fiberglass and carbon fiber)
Specifications: 914 or 912UL
Min Speed 20 mph
Cruise 90 mph
Top Speed 115 mph
Empty Weight 595 lbs / 585 lbs
Useful Load 617 lbs / 627 lbs
Gross Weight 1,212 lbs
Width 5'11"
Height 8'6"
Length 15'3"


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