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Magni M14 Scout
VPM M-14 Scout



Nearly identical, performance-wise, to the M-16 is the sporty M-14 model. More compact, the M-14 delivers the utility of tandem seating with aerodynamic performance. It has a slightly higher useful load of 648 pounds, versus the M-16‘s 617 pounds and retains a lot of the standard features, such as electric trim.

Streamlined composite and 4130 steel airframe, including wheel pants, spring landing gear, prerotator, fin/rudder with two outrigger tail fins. Sold as Kit or Fully-Assembled.

The Scout 2000 millennium model of the M-14 was standard with electric trim, Flydat or EIS engine monitor, altimeter, airspeed indicator, rotor tachometer, prerotator, rotor brake, wheel brakes, landing light, and wheel pants.

Two different engines were available: Rotax 914 turbo (115hp) or Rotax 912 ULS (100hp). With the Rotax 912 ULS, carburetor heat and temperature gauge is standard.
The M14 Scout, with compact seating and aerodynamic design, afford good performance and two-seat. The M14 is Magni's sporting model, but two seats.

M-14 Scout
Engine: 120 hp Arrow 1000cc.
Prop: 67” VPM composite, 3 blade ground adjustable.
Rotor blades: 27’ or 28’ x 8.7” VPM composite.
Min speed: 20 mph.
Cruise: 80 mph.
Top speed: 100 mph.
Gross wt: 1432 lbs.
Width: 5’3”.
Height: 8’2”.
Length: 13’.

M-14 Scout
Engines: 115 hp Rotax 914, 100 hp Rotax 912ULS
Propeller: 67" VPM composite, 3-blade ground adjustable
Rotor Blades: 27' composite (fiberglass and carbon fiber)
Min Speed 20 mph
Cruise 90 mph
Top Speed 115 mph
Empty Weight 547 lbs / 538 lbs
Useful Load 665 lbs / 674 lbs
Gross Weight 1,212 lbs
Width 5'11"
Height 8'2"
Length 12'11"

Magni M-14 Scout 2000
Rotor diameter: 8.23m
Overall length: 3.95m
Overall width: 1.80m
Overall height: 2.50m
Propeller diameter: 1.70m
Weight empty: 248kg
Max take-off weight: 550kg
Max level speed: 185km/h
Cruising speed: 145km/h
Rate of climb at sea level: 5m/s
Service ceiling: 3500m
Take-off run: 70m
Landing run: 0-30m
Range, no reserves: 305km
Endurance: 2.1 hr


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