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Lebaudy La Republic / Swan

Built in 1908, it was the first airship which the Russian War Department ordered abroad (in 1909), and named "The Swan". The airship perfected the overall suitability for the role of airships in the fighting. The results were disappointing as in the case of air defense, airships of the attacking force quickly transformed into a huge target. The airship was assigned only the role of reconnaissance.



The semi-rigid La République crashed in September 1909 and all four crew members were killed.


Engine: 2 x Panhard, 64 hp
Length: 200.131 ft / 61.0 m
Width of hull: 33.793 ft / 10.3 m
Contained volume: 184724 cu.ft / 5230 cu.m
Max speed: 24 kts / 45 km/h
Lebedj / Swan
Envelope volume: 3700 cu.m
Length: 61,4 m
Diameter: 11,1 m

Engine: 68 hp

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