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Kolb Firefly


Designed by Homer Kolb, the Firefly was designed to be a legal ultralight with the twin cylinder 40HP Rotax 447 engine installed.
This single seat LSA Firefly features 10 minute wing folding and a Quick-build option. The Quick-buid option represents approximately 50% of the building / assembling time of the aircraft.

Engine: Rotax 447, 41 hp.
Wing span: 22 ft.
Wing area: 117 sq.ft.
Height: 5.83 ft.
Length: 19.5 ft.
Empty weight: 252 lbs
Gross weight: 500 lbs
Fuel tank: 5 USgal.
Speed max: 70 mph.
Cruise speed: 60-65 mph
Stall speed: 30 mph
Climb rate: 1,000 fpm
Take-off roll: 150 ft.
Landing dist: 150 ft.
Cockpit width: 22 in
Landing gear: tail wheel.
Seats: 1.
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