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Kawanishi Kokuki Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Shin Meiwa

In July 1924 a Kawanishi biplane seaplane made a round- Japan flight in nine days. The company formed as Kawanishi Kokuki Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha in November 1928, taking over the factory and windtunnel (at Kobe) of Kawanishi Machine Works. Held Short Bros license and was Rolls-Royce agent. At the time of formation was supplying aircraft, components, and accessories to Japanese Navy.

Early types included a single-seat biplane fighter and a two-seat long-range high-wing monoplane. At the end of 1930 moved to new works at Narao. In February 1933 flew new three-seat reconnaissance floatplane (E7K) adopted by Japanese Naval Service. Short and Rolls-Royce connections manifested in Navy type 90-2 (K.F.1) flying boat, built in England, assembled in Japan. Built from 1936 a highly successful long-range maritime reconnaissance/ bomber/transport flying-boat, the strut-braced H6K. Subsequent H8K had deep hull and cantilever wing. N1K single-seat fighter monoplane of 1942 originated as floatplane but was developed into outstanding landplane. Projects included suicide aircraft based on German V-1.

ShinMaywa (or Shin Meiwa) became the title of the Kawanishi company after reestablishment in October 1949 as overhaul center for Japanese and U.S. aircraft. Also made components for other constructors, developed re-engined de Havilland Heron.
Shin Meiwa Industry Co Ltd
125 Agenaruo-Naruocho,
Nishinomiya City
Shin Meiwa's technical adviser, Dr Shizuo Kikuhara, designed the Type 97 and Type 2 multi-engined flying-boats used by the former Imperial Japanese Navy.
Under his leadership, the company designedg a medium-range patrol flying-boat for the JMSDF. It is also producedfuselage and tail assemblies of the P2V-7 Neptune for Kawasaki and components of the NAMC YS-11, and was licensed to overhaul DH Gipsy Queen engines.
Much other overhaul work is done for the US and Japanese services.
After contract in January 1966 directed attention especially to new marine aircraft. Rebuilt a Grumman Albatross as a dynamically similar flying model for projected very large STOL ASW flying-boat for Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force. The latter type developed as four-turboprop PS-1, but later also as U.S.-1 amphibious search-and-rescue aircraft. PS-1 flew October 1967; U.S.- 1 October 1974. First prototype PS-1 converted later as waterbombing test vehicle. Basic type remarkable for low take-off and landing speeds, achieved by boundary-layer control system and large flaps for slipstream deflection. Company also carries out major subcontract work for advanced Mitsubishi and Kawasaki aircraft, and manufactures components for Boeing 717/ 757/ 767/ 777 and Gulfstream bizjets.

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