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Kamov AK



Kamov took job of chief designer in factory at Smolensk opened 1939 to make production autogyros (beginning with A-7-Za). Kamov obtained permission to build a side-by-side observation machine with side doors. The AK was fitted with tricycle gear, a single fin rudder on struts from rotor head and main gears, and no wings.
Work was delayed by evacuation in July 1941 but work restarted at a new facility in Lake Baikal region in 1942. The project was abandoned 1943 because of termination of interest by VVS.


Engine: 1 x MV-6
Rotor diameter: 13.5m
Loaded weight: 1317kg
Empty weight: 1026kg
Max speed: 176km/h
Ceiling: 4,700m



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