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Kamov-Skrzhinski KaSkr-I / Krasny Inzhener


Designated from Kamov and N.K.Skrzhinskii, autogyro Krasnyi Inzhyener (Red Engineeer) was based on the Cierva C.8 using an Avro 504 (U-1) fuselage, landing gear and most of flight controls. The original rotor had four braced blades, and small wings were fitted. The first ground running test was 1 Sept 29. The rotor began to spin, but the control system proved ineffective and was subjected to major changes. The U-1 rudder was changed for a larger surface, then the torque of the engine/propeller almost overturned machine. This was  rectified by hanging an 8kg weight under the right wingtip. Test pilot I.V.Mikheyev was unable to fly aircraft because of a lack of power. The KaSkr-1 was rebuilt as the KaSkr-2.

Engine: 1 x M-2, 90kW / 100 hp
Rotor diameter: 12m
Fuselage length: 8.8m
Max take-off weight: 950kg
Empty weight: 750kg
Max speed: 90km/h
Operating ceiling: 15-25m
Endurance: 1.5hr
Crew: 1


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