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Just Aircraft Highlander


Introduced at Arlington and Oshkosh 2004, Highlander is an upgraded version of the Escapade. Just Aircraft's new bush plane qualifications are enhanced by a larger balanced elevator and rudder, a larger trim tab, extended (and beefed up) gear legs with larger wheels and brakes, gull wing doors (can be opened in flight), an 8" tail wheel and VG's. And, a new three foot longer wing.
The Highlander has the same features as the Escapade, but with all the upgrades to make it a better backcountry aircraft. The Highlander is manufactured with all high quality aircraft materials. It is also manufactured with attach points for floats, lots of cabin area and extra large cargo area.
The Escapade and Highlander share considerable structural elements including the chrome-moly fuselage frame, wing airfoil construction, and engine compartment.
Using the same basic fuselage for both planes means they both have a huge luggage capacity that extends to the tail. The planes can handle a 6’7”+ frame and 300lb+ people. With sliding seats and 44” of elbow room.
Highlander LSA 2010 Kit Price: US$22,250
Both planes can be flown with the doors off or the doors and windows open, although a heater can be installed for frigid conditions.
The planes are available as complete ready to assemble kits which take about 600 – 700 hours to complete. Or you may choose various stages of assembly based upon your time demands and pocket book. Some choose to have the factory finish the wings and cover the fuselage which cuts the build time in half. There is also the option of “Build Assist” where for a monthly fee the owner may assemble the plane in the factory with company experts on hand for assistance. Those desiring a complete build ready to fly option will find this also available.
This would be SLSA certified if desired.
An extended-gear option for the Highlander provides heavy-duty axles to support bush tires: those legs raise the fuselage and widen the track by about 4 inches.
The Highlander is the bush plane model of the Escapade with longer wings, taller-heavier gear, tundra tires and larger tail feathers with balanced elevator and rudder.


The Escapade and Highlander can be installed with any power plants in the weight range of the Rotax 503 up to the Rotax 914 or Jabiru 2200 up to the Jabiru 3300.

Engine: Rotax 912 100 hp
Height: 7’10”
Length: 19'
Cabin Width: 44 in
Wing Span: 31' 6"
Wing Area: 120.75 sq.ft
Empty Weight: 620 lbs
Gross Weight: 1320
Useable Load: 700
Fuel Capacity: 18 USgal
Flight Load Factor: +4 -2 G
Vne (never exceed speed): 130 mph
Cruise speed @ 75% power: 105 mph
Vso (full flap) at Gross Weight: 23 mph
Vs (clean) at Gross Weight: 27 mph
Take off Distance Ground Roll: 300 ft
Landing Distance Ground Roll: 250 ft

Highlander LSA
Engine: Rotax 912S, 100 hp
Wingspan: 31' 6"
Length: 19 ft
Wing area: 116.25 sq.ft
Empty weight: 620 lb
MTOW: 1320 lb
Useful load: 700 lbs
Cruise 75%: 105 mph
Stall: 25 mph
Range: 520 sm
ROC: 1500 fpm
Takeoff dist: 100 ft
Landing distance; 75 ft
Seats: 2
Cockpit width: 44 in

Engine: Rotax 912S, 100 hp
Wing Span: 31’6”
Wing area: 120.75 sq.ft.
Mean Cord: 45”
Length: 19’
Height: 7’10”
Length Folded: 20’8”
Width Folded: 7’ 11.5”
Number of Seats: 2
Number of Doors: 2
Landing Gear: 8” Tail Wheel
Gear Width: 76”
Fuel Capacity: 18 or 26 USGallons (24 useable)
VNE: 130 mph
Cruise: 110 mph
Stall With Flaps 40 deg: 27 mph
Stall Clean: 32 mph
Take off Roll: 300 ft
Take off Distance to 50 ft: 800 ft
Ground Roll: 300 ft
Landing Distance from 50 ft: 1000 ft
Climb Rate: 880 fpm
Gross weight: 1320 Lbs
Empty weight: 615 Lbs
Useful Load: 705 Lbs
Load Limit Factors: +4 g’s –2 g’s

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