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Jabiru 3300




 The Jabiru 3300cc Aircraft Engine is a 120hp 6-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine. At 180lbs/81kg installed weight the Jabiru 3300 Aircraft Engine is an ideal replacement for 100-120HP equivalents.
Overall dimensions are small. Its 23.46"/596mm width allows tractor applications with very small frontal areas. The Jabiru engine is designed for either tractor or pusher installation.




The Jabiru 3300 engine features direct propeller drive, 1 central camshaft, push rods, over head valves (OHV), ram air cooled, wet sump lubrication, dual transistorized magneto ignition, integrated ac generator, electric starter, mechanical fuel pump, naturally aspirated - 1 pressure compensating carburetor, and 6 bearing crankshaft.
2010 Price $17,500




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Type: Flat-6
Displacement: 3300 cc (

Bore: 97.5 mm (3.838")
Stroke: 74 mm (2.913")

Length: 671 mm (26.42 in)
Width: 582 mm (22.91 in)
Height: 445 mm (17.54 in)
Dry weight: 81 kg (178 lbs) with exhaust, carburetors, starter motor, alternator & ignition system
Compression Ratio: 8:1
Directional Rotation of Prop Shaft: Clockwise - Pilot's view Tractor applications
Ramp Weight: 178 lbs (81kg) complete including exhaust, carburetor, starter motor, alternator and ignition system
Ignition Timing: 25˚ BTDC fixed timing
Firing order: 1 - 4 - 5 - 2 - 3 - 6
Power Rating: 107 hp @ 2750 rpm continuous, 120 hp @ 3300 rpm intermittent
Fuel system: Mechanical fuel pump
Fuel consumption: 35 litres/h at Takeoff/Max. continuous rating
Fuel Consumption at 75% power: 26 l/hr (6.87 US gal/hr)
Fuel: AVGAS 100/130 or Auto Gas 91 MON (97 RON) Minimum
Oil system: Wet sump
Oil Capacity: 3.5 lt (3.69 quarts)
Oil: Aeroshell W100 or equivalent
Cooling system: Aircooled, Oil Cooling (optional, but usually necessary)
Spark Plugs: NGK D9EA – Automotive


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