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Jabiru 2200



Jabiru 2200

The Jabiru 2200 Aircraft Engine is a 85hp 4-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine. At 132lbs/60kg installed weight it can be installed in an aircraft at the same weight as most popular 2-stroke engines.

Overall dimensions are small. It's 23.46"/596mm width allows tractor applications with very small frontal areas. The Jabiru engine is designed for either tractor or pusher installation.

It is an ideal replacement for the Rotax 582 2-cylinder 2-stroke; it is the same installed weight as the Rotax 582. It is also a lightweight, smaller-package alternative to all of the VW derivative engines and the Rotax 912.

Jabiru 2200 85 hp engine features 1 central camshaft, push rods, over head valves (OHV), wet sump lubrication, integrated ac generator, electric starter, mechanical fuel pump, dual transistorized magneto ignition, direct propeller drive, and a 6 bearing crankshaft.

2010 Price $13,500


Jabiru 2200 Engine


Jabiru 2200A

Displacement - 2200cc (134 cu in)
Bore - 97.5mm (3.838")
Stroke - 74mm (2.913")
Compression Ratio - 8:1
Prop Rotation - Clockwise from pilot view
Ramp Weight - 62.8kg (133lbs) Including exhaust, carburettor, starter motor, alternator, ignition system, regulator, propeller guides, engine mount rubbers, starter solenoid and muffler springs.
Power Rating - 64kW (85hp) @ 3300 RPM
Fuel - AVGAS 100/130, MOGAS >95
Fuel Consumption at 75% power: 15 l/hr (4 US gal/hr)
Oil Capacity - 2.3 Litres (2.2 Quarts)
Oil: Aeroshell W100 or equivalent
Spark Plugs - NGK D9EA Automotive
Ignition Timing: 25° BTDC fixed timing
Firing order: 1 - 3 - 2 - 4

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