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Israel Aircraft Industries IAI-201 Arava / IAI-202 Arava

IAI-201 Arava

The Arava first flew on 27 November 1969, and entered production for military and civilian customers in 1972. More than 90 had been delivered by mid-1985.

The standard military version of the twin-turboprop utility transport is the IAI-201. In the transport role up to 24 troops or 16 paratroops may be carried, and machine-gun packs can be fitted to the fuselage sides. Rocket pods may be fitted on two additional fuselage pylons.

The improved IAI-202 has a lengthened fuselage with accommodation for 30 troops, 20 paratroops, 2,500kg of cargo, or 12 stretcher and five attendants, plus a fully wet wing with winglets for increased range. The winglet modification is available as a retrofit on earlier Aravas.

IAI 202 Arava
Engine: 2 x P&WAC PT6A.
Installed pwr: 1167 kW.
Span: 21.6 m.
Length: 13.5 m.
Wing area: 43.7 sq.m.
Empty wt: 4110 kg.
MTOW: 7710 kg.
Payload: 2500 kg.
Cruise speed: 319 kph.
Initial ROC: 390 m / min.
Ceiling: 7620 m.
T/O run: 400 m.
Ldg run: 250 m.
Fuel internal: 1663 lt.
Range/payload: 630 km with 2500 kg.
Capacity: 30 pax.


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