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Ishikawajima / Harima Heavy Industries / IHI Corp
Ishikawajima Kokuki KK was formed at Tokyo in December 1924, with a factory at Tachikawa. Built small batches of 2-seat biplanes: T-2/-3 recon, R-1/-2/-3/-5 trainers and light ambulance (later designated KKY). KKY with 130hp Cirrus replaced by 150hp Ha-12 or Kamikaze radial was developed as KS-I for survey duty while company was being reorganised 1936 as Tachikawa.
Ishikawajima-Hanma Jukogyo Kabushiki Kaisha (Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co Ltd)
Sole manufacturer of aircraft gas-turbine engines in Japan, Ishikawajima-Harima took over the J3 turbojet from the Nippon Jet-Engine Company in 1959, when the latter had completed its five year development programme for the engine.
It is also manufacturing under licence General Electric J79 turbojets to power Japanese-built F-101J Starfighters, and is preparing to produce the General Electric T58 shaft-turbine for helicopter, marine and industrial applications.
Under development was an aft-fan version of the J3, designated J3-F.
The single stage fan will be in line with the turbine and driven by exhaust gases in the main engine, but will be mechanically independent. It is designed to offer a 40 percent increase of thrust compared with the J3, with no increase in fuel consumption.

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