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Irwin Aircraft Co Meteorplane M-T-2 / SP-1




After the First World War the company built an improved version of the M-T, the M-T-2, powered by a 20 hp Meteor engine. The 1926 M-T-2, or SP-1, was of plywood construction and sold for $1,165.



By Irwin's estimate about 40 were sold, including N2616, plus an unrecorded number sold as kits for $350, including N579M, N3685, and N7788, less motor (the Meteormotor went for $625). One of the world's first successful small, personal airplanes.
Engine: Irwin Meteormotor, 25hp
Wing span: 14'0"
Length: 12'0"
Useful load: 175 lb
Max speed: 85 mph
Cruise speed: 75 mph
Stall: 24 mph
Range: 200 mi
Seats: 1



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