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International Helicopter Inc. Commuter IIA



The commercial rights to the Helicom H-1 Commuter Junior were sold to Southern Pacific Aircraft Co and then to International Helicopter Inc of Mayville, New York, with the machine being refined along the way as the Commuter II - a two-place, 125 hp Franklin engined helicopter. First built in 1970. The creator of that design, Harold "Pop" Emigh, went on to develop the popular 2-seaters—the Commuter-IIA  and -IIB.

The Commuter IIA main rotor and tail rotor are both gear driven, and it is powered by the proven 150-hp Lycoming aircraft engine with a dual ignition. Such complicated parts as the main rotor transmission, tail rotor gear box, rotor blades, etc., are assembled at the factory. The airframe is of Chrome-Moly steel tubing. With engine off it descends at a rate of only 1200 to 1400 fpm.

Commuter IIA price in 1982:  $12,000 (Excludes engine). Plans available for $75. Aircraft kit with engine costs $18,000. Units delivered to June 1982: 89.



Vortech offered the large, thick manual containing the building plans for the classic Commuter II. The airframe, control system, main- and tail-drive system, engine mounting, cabin construction, etc. are all detailed. Bear in mind that the control head was sold as an assembled, tested component and the drawings for this unit are somewhat general.

Commuter II
Engine: Franklin, 125 hp

Commuter IIA
Engine: Lycoming 150 hp
Rotor Diameter: 25 ft
Length: 22 ft
Height: 8 ft
Width: 5.7 ft
Empty Weight: 700 lbs
Gross Weight: 1,300 lbs
Useful Payload: 600 lbs
Maximum Speed: 100 mph
Cruise Speed: 70 mph
Rate of Climb: 900 fpm
Range: 225 miles
Service Ceiling: 11,000 ft

Commuter IIA
Gross weight: 1,375 lbs.
Empty weight: 800 lbs.
Useful load: 575 lbs.
Fuel capacity 22 USG.
Rotor span 25 ft.
Length 29 ft.
Engine 150-hp Lycoming.
Top speed 100 mph.
Cruise 90 mph.
Climb rate 1071 fpm.
Ceiling 13,000 ft.
Range 225 sm.

Commuter IIB
Engine: Lycoming O-320, 150 hp.



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