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Indian Helicopters The Indian

A small helicopter, it can be stored in a single car garage, can be built in any home workshop with simple tools.

It has full cyclic, full collective, tail rotor pedals, twist grip throttle and is capable of vertical take-off and landing - a VTOL helicopter. The Indian is capable of hovering, forward, backward with sideward flight and autorotation.

A homebuilt helicopter using "off-the-shelf components" it can be built as an ultralight helicopter.

It is constructed with bolt together 4130 chromoly steel tubing frame (and 6061-T6 aluminum tubing) and could be built for under $8,000 including engine using off-the-shelf components. The build time was estimated at 300-800 hours depending on ability.

Dual carb, dual CDI 50-65 hp engine, 2 cycle, two cylinder inline, fan cooled  
Compact Radial, Rotax or Hirth aircraft engines - recommended
A 55hp+ motorcycle engine with mount or other engine may be used
Main rotor blades are NACA 0012 - 21' x 8"  425 RPM
Tail rotor blades are NACA 0012 - 36" x 3.5" 3000 RPM
Empty weight - 254 lbs
Gross weight - 525 lbs
Useful payload - 273 lbs
Length - 15' 9"
Width - 7'
Height - 7' 6"
Cruise speed - 63 mph
Top speed - 75 mph
Ceiling - 9000'
Fuel - 5 gallons/1.25 hrs
Range - 100 miles


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