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IMPA / Industria Metalurgica e Plastica SA

Industria Metalurgica e Plastica SA, a munitions factory, opened an aircraft department in September 1941. The initiative had come from the founder, Eng. Jose Mario Sueiro, who amidst the backdrop of the Second World War, decided to enter the aviation industry.
For it he contracted Spainard Davins Alfredo Ferrer, whom he had met in Paris, and who already had experience in the French aviation industry. Ferrer designed the prototype and oversaw its construction that took place in the 4th floor of the factory. Working steadily, IMPA workers not only developed the body of the plane, but his instruments: speedometers, tachometers, compasses, etc.
A new factory opened at Quilmes Airport, Buenos Aires, in December 1944. Products included prototypes of RR-11 two-seat low-wing cabin monoplane (1942) and Chorlito light single-seat trainer (1943). Only production aircraft was the Tu-Sa (or LF-1), of which 25 were built 1943-1944.

The RR-11 IMPA "fully built in our country, with raw material and Argentine workers" as he liked to say ing. Sueiro was a "feel" for the time and his maiden flight of July 25, 1942 at the airfield of Pacheco, made headlines in major Argentine newspapers.

The event was attended by members of the company; national authorities, as the director of Military Industries, Colonel Savio and the director of Civil Aviation, Dr. Samuel Bosch; and the president of the UIA, Luis Colombo. Besides the pilot sr. Ciro Comi made the opening round.
Thus, IMPA initiated an aircraft production line continued with the prototype IMPA RR-12D-13D RR IMPA, IMPA Your Sa, IMPA Plover, the Impita, and in 1944 opened an office in the town of Quilmes dedicated to this production.
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