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Ilyushin Il-80 Maxdome / Il-86



The llyushin Il-86, which has the NATO reporting name 'Camber', was the Soviet Union's first wide-body civil transport. Of low/mid-wing monoplane configuration, it has a circular-section pressurised fuselage with a maximum internal width of 5.70m, and is powered by four Kuznetsov NK-86 turbofan engines pylon-mounted beneath the wings. Accommodation is provided for a crew of three or four on the flight deck, and there is seating for a maximum of 350 passengers, distributed between three cabins which are separated by wardrobes.

Access is via three lower-deck airstair-type doors which allow the aircraft to be operated without conventional airport loading/unloading bridges. The airstairs reach down to ground level and, after boarding, passengers can deposit their baggage in lower-deck stowage positions before climbing an internal fixed staircase to the passenger cabin.

Construction of two prototypes began in 1974 and the first (SSSR-86000) flew on 22 December 1976 piloted by a crew under the command of A. Kuziietsov. The maiden flight took it from the old Moscow Central Airport of Khodinka to the official flight test centre. The flight lasted 40 minutes.

The four NK-86 turbofans fitted to the Il-86 are rated at 28,660 lbs static thrust, and all possess combined thrust reversers/ noise attenuators.




The Il-86 first production aircraft flew in October 1977 and deliveries to Aeroflot began in September 1979. Since then between 80 and 85 have entered service out of an order for 100. Although most former Eastern Bloc airlines, and particularly CSA and LOT, were mentioned as potential export customers, no orders have materialised and the type remains peculiar to Aeroflot.

Designed to carry 350 passengers on routes of up to 3600 kilometres, the Il-86 has suffered in service due to Aeroflot's shortage of long range equipment. To solve this predicament, 20 of the 100 ordered by the airline have had oceanic navigation equipment installed for flights to Central and South America with two or more en route stops.

Domestic operations began on 26 December 1980 followed by international services in July 1981.

103 built before production ended.

A strategic-command-post version of the IL-86 became the IL-80 Maxdome.


IL-80 Maxdome

Four Illyushin Il-80 airborne command post flew with the 1338 Test Centr at Chkalovsky. They wore civil registration and pseudo Aeroflot colour schemes.




Engine: 4 x Kusnezow NK 86, 127.5kN / 28,660 lbs
Length: 195.341 ft / 59.54 m
Width of hull: 19.948 ft / 6.08 m
Height: 51.87 ft / 15.81 m
Wingspan: 48.3 m / 158 ft 6 in
Wing area: 3552.12 sqft / 330.0 sqm
Height: 15.7 m / 51 ft 6 in
Max take off weight: 454230.0 lb / 206000.0 kg
Max. payload weight: 92610.0 lb / 42000.0 kg
Landing speed: 130 kts / 240 km/h
Cruising speed: 513 kts / 950 km/h
Max. speed: 950 km/h / 590 mph
Service ceiling: 10000 m / 32800 ft
Take off distance: 7546 ft / 2300 m
Landing distance: 8530 ft / 2600 m
Cruising altitude: 36089 ft / 11000 m
Wing loading: 127.92 lb/sq.ft / 624.00 kg/sq.m
Range w/max.fuel: 5250 km / 3262 miles
Range w/max.payload: 3300 km / 2051 miles
Crew: 3
Payload: 350 pax



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