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Ilyushin Il-54



The Il-54 resulted from a 1953 requirement and first flew in early 1955. The type was typical of Soviet thinking for tactical bombers in the period: an oval-section fuselage with a completely glazed bombardier nose; a fighter-type canopy over the pilot and a barbette controlled by the tail gunner; tandem main landing gear units with stabilizing outriggers, and flying surfaces swept at 550 these last including high-set wings with the two 14,330-lb (6500-kg) thrust AL-1 turbojets pod-mounted below them.

Flight trials confirmed that the Il-54 had transonic performance, with a maximum sea-level speed of 715 mph (150 km/h), but no production was authorized. One built.

Engine: 2 x AL-7F turbojets, 10000kg with afterburner
Max take-off weight: 40660 kg / 89640 lb
Empty weight: 24000 kg / 52911 lb
Wingspan: 17.7 m / 58 ft 1 in
Length: 28.9 m / 94 ft 10 in
Wing area: 84.6 sq.m / 910.63 sq ft
Max. Speed: 1250 km/h /  777 mph
Cruise speed: 910 km/h / 565 mph
Ceiling: 14000 m / 45950 ft
Range: 2500 km / 1553 miles
Armament: 4 x 23mm cannon, 5000kg bombs
Crew: 3





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