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Ilyushin Il-18 / Il-20 / Il-24



The llyushin Il-18 was developed in the mid-1950s to meet an Aeroflot requirement for a medium-range 75/100-seat transport, and the first prototype flew on 4 July 1957. Flown for the first time on 4 July 1957, the Il-18 Moskva (Moscow) was originally powered by Kuznetsov NK-4 turboprops, but the Ivchenko AI-20 was adopted as standard at an early production stage.

Production 75-seat models, NATO reporting name 'Coot', entered service with Aeroflot in April 1959, and was the nation's first turboprop airliner. Aeroflot inaugurated use of the type on its Moscow-Adler and Moscow-Alma-Ata routes on 20 April 1959. 




Further developments of the model resulted in a number of improvements and growing capacity. The last civil production version, the Il-18D long range variant built from 1965-69, utilised the 4,250 shp AE-20K engine, and could carry 110 or max 122 passengers.

The Il-18 served as s medium haul airliner until the mid to late 1970s. Some remain in Aeroflot service in 1992. Most of the survivors served as aerial laboratories or as transports for industry.

When production ended in 1969, a total of 564 Il-18 airliners of all versions were built in the GAZ-30 Znamya Truda (Banner of Labour) plant at Khodinka in Moscow in the former USSR, and about 120 were exported.
Of the total built only small numbers entered military service, primarily for VIP transport.

As Il-18s have been retired from civil use some have been converted into the ECM or electronic intelligence (Elint) ll-20s, and these have the NATO reporting name 'Coot-A'. It seems likely that the numbers of these aircraft will increase as the turboprop-powered ll-18s are retired from Aeroflot use.

Il-20 Coot-A

ELINT variants of the Il-18 transport have been operated by SovAir since 1978, and are distinct from the armed Il-38 May derivative. Coot-A has the same airframe as the basic Il-18, and carries SLAR in a large ventral fairing, plus other electronic equipment, camers and sensors for its specialised role.
The Il-20 Coot A is a peacetime reconnaissance aircraft fitted with the side looking Igla (Needle) radar in a large underfuselage pad, plus cameras and signal intelligence units. Some twenty aircraft were built between 1969 and 1976. Some were later converted back to the passenger version.

IL- 38 anti-submarine/maritime patrol aircraft also developed from IL-18 and first flew 1961.

IL-20 reconnaissance, electronic intelligence, and communications relay aircraft also developed from IL-18, with the IL-24 civil variant. 




Il-18 prototype
Engines: 4 x Shvestov ASh-73, 2300 hp.
Crew: 7. Pax cap: 60.

Engines: 4
Crew: 5
Passengers: 110

Engines: 4 x turbo-prop Ivchenko AI-20, 2940kW / 4,250 hp
Props: ABI 4 blade 14 ft 9 in dia
Max take-off weight: 61200 kg / 134924 lb
Empty weight: 34500 kg / 76060 lb
Wingspan: 37.4 m / 122 ft 8 in
Length: 35.9 m / 117 ft 9 in
Height: 10.2 m / 33 ft 6 in
Wing area: 140.0 sq.m / 1506.95 sq ft
Max. speed: 685 km/h / 426 mph
Cruise speed: 650 km/h / 404 mph at 29,500 ft
Landing speed: 118 mph
Range: 5000 km / 3107 miles
Range w/max.fuel: 6500 km / 4039 miles
Range w/max.payload: 3700 km / 2299 miles
Range at 135,584lb gross: 1550 mi
Crew: 5
Passengers: 89-110

Engines: 4 x AI-20M turboprop, 4250 shp (3169 kW).






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