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 llyushin Aviation Complex

Aviatsionnyi Kompleksimeni S.V. llyushina


Sergei Ilyushin

Sergei Ilyushin, was a mechanic in the Russian air force in WW1. During the early 1920s Sergei Vladimirovich llyushin (died 1977) was a student at the Zhukovskii Military Air Academy, and began glider design. Graduating from the Air Academy, Ilyushin went to TsAGI, where he was influenced by Tupolev.

From 1935 one of the most successful Soviet aircraft designers, beginning with IL-4 (DB-3) bomber developed from TsKB-26 design, of which nearly 7,000 built. Founded own OKB just before Second World War, though 1933 generally attributed as starting point for llyushin designs. Most famous wartime aircraft was IL-2 Shturmovik armoured ground-attack aircraft, a vital weapon in the defeat of the German invasion of Russia, and of which more than 36,000 were built.

Post-Second World War developed IL-12 and IL-14 transports which established Aeroflot's civil airline network. IL-28 bomber of 1948 (in class of British Canberra) was first Soviet jet bomber, remaining in large scale use for many years. IL-18 civil transport, which entered service with Aeroflot in 1959, was nation's first turboprop airliner. IL-38 anti-submarine/maritime patrol aircraft developed from IL-18 and first flown 1961. IL-20 reconnaissance, electronic intelligence, and communications relay aircraft also developed from IL-18, with IL-24 civil variant. IL-62, 114/186-seat turbofan-powered transport, which inaugurated Aeroflot's Moscow-New York service in July 1968, was Soviet Union's first long-range jet airliner.

IL-76T four-turbofan medium/long-range freight transport first flew 1971 and over 900 built, with in-flight refueling tanker derivative first flown 1983 as IL-78, and communications relay variant as IL-82. IL-86 wide-body transport first flew December 22,1976; 103 built before production ended. Strategic-command-post version became IL-80 Maxdome. Follow-on IL-96 wide-body airliner first flew December 1988 and remains in production. II-98 proposed as twin-engined derivative of IL-96. IL-106 heavy military transport and IL-112 shorthaul regional airliner projected. IL-114 twin-turboprop transport first flew March 1990 and ordered with production and marketing by Uzbekistan-Russian consortium. Special electronic versions of IL-114 developed for "Open Skies" missions and Russian Federal Border Guard patrol. IL-103 4/5-seat lightplane first flown May 1994 and manufactured by MAPO "MiG".

Current name in 1998 llyushin Aviation Complex, or Aviatsionnyi Kompleksimeni S.V. llyushina.


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