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I.C.P. srl was once a distributor of the Zenith STOL CH-701. I.C.P. was established in 1980 to produce accessories for the automotive sector. At the beginning of the 1990s, I.C.P. began production of UL aircraft, in collaboration with Agrocopteros of Colombia, including models such as the MXP-740, the MXP-740 Savannah, the MXP-640 Amigo! and the MXP-650 Amigo!. The Savannah has evolved into the Savannah Turbo, Hydro, ADV, VG (Vortex Generator) and the new Savannah XL which features a wider and more comfortable cabin. A light-weight Savannah is the Bingo, offered with different power units.

Via Torino 12
I-14020 Poiva’ Massaia

On 12 September 2009, I.C.P. opened its new factory at Castelnuovo Don Bosco (Province of Asti) in Italy.


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